Lake surface temperatures [in “State of the Climate in 2015”]

Woolway RI, Cinque K, de Eyto E, DeGasperi CL, Dokulil MT, Korhonen J, Maberly SC, Marszelewski W, May L, Merchant CJ, Paterson AM, Riffler M, Rimmer A, Rusak JA, Schladow SG, Schmid M, Teubner K, Verburg P, Vigneswaran B, Watanabe S & Weyhenmeyer GA
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Woolway, R. I., Cinque, K., de Eyto, E., DeGasperi, C. L., Dokulil, M. T., Korhonen, J., Maberly, S. C., Marszelewski, W., May, L., Merchant, C. J., Paterson, A. M., Riffler, M., Rimmer, A., Rusak, J. A., Schladow, S. G., Schmid, M., Teubner, K., Verburg, P., Vigneswaran, B., … Weyhenmeyer, G. A. (2016). Lake surface temperatures [in “State of the Climate in 2015”]. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 97(8), S17-S18.