Interaction of climate change and eutrophication

Jeppesen E, Moss B, Bennion H, Carvalho L, DeMeester L, Feuchtmayr H, Friberg N, Gessner MO, Hefting M, Lauridsen TL, Liboriussen L, Malmquist HJ, May L, Meerhoff M, Olafsson JS, Soons MB & Verhoeven JTA
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Jeppesen, E., Moss, B., Bennion, H., Carvalho, L., DeMeester, L., Feuchtmayr, H., … Verhoeven, J. T. A. (2010). Interaction of climate change and eutrophication. In M. Kernan, R. Battarbee, & B. Moss (Eds.), Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Ecosystems (pp. 119-151).