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Odeh, T., Gloaguen, R., Schirmer, M., Geyer, S., Rödiger, T., & Siebert, C. (2010). Investigation of catchment areas migrations through a sinstral and dextral strike slip faults: the case study of Zerka Ma'in and Al Hasa catchment areas, east of the Dead Sea in Jordan. In E. D. Schmitter & N. Mastorakis (Eds.), Energy and environmental engineering. Water and geoscience. Proceedings of the 5th IASME/WSEAS international conference on water resources, hydraulics & hydrology (WHH '10). Proceedings of the 4th IASME/WSEAS international conference on geology and seismology (GES '10) (pp. 120-126). WSEAS press.
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