Advanced porous materials

Milow B, Brunner S, Foray G, Yrieix B, Heinemann U, Sprengard C, O'Conner M, Gerharz-Kalte B, Gärtner G, Geisler M, Vlachos M, Gärtner G, Marchal P-A & Fiorentino B
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Milow, B., Brunner, S., Foray, G., Yrieix, B., Heinemann, U., Sprengard, C., … Fiorentino, B. (2020). Advanced porous materials. In U. Heinemann (Ed.), Long-term performance of super-insulating materials in building components and systems. Report of subtask I: state of the art and case studies (pp. 33-40). CSTB.