Rotational disorder in lithium borohydride

Remhof A, Yan Y, Embs JP, Garcia Sakai V, Nale A, de Jongh P, Łodziana Z & Züttel A
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Remhof, A., Yan, Y., Embs, J. P., Garcia Sakai, V., Nale, A., de Jongh, P., … Züttel, A. (2015). Rotational disorder in lithium borohydride. In B. Frick, M. M. Koza, M. Boehm, & H. Mutka (Eds.), EPJ web of conferences: Vol. 83. QENS/WINS 2014 - 11th international conference on quasielastic neutron scattering and 6th international workshop on inelastic neutron spectrometers (p. 02014 (6 pp.).