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Na<sub>2</sub>ZrCl<sub>6</sub> enabling highly stable 3 V all-solid-state Na-ion batteries
Kwak, H., Lyoo, J., Park, J., Han, Y., Asakura, R., Remhof, A., … Jung, Y. S. (2021). Na2ZrCl6 enabling highly stable 3 V all-solid-state Na-ion batteries. Energy Storage Materials, 37, 47-54.
<em>Nido</em>‐hydroborate‐based electrolytes for all‐solid‐state lithium batteries
Payandeh, S. H., Rentsch, D., Łodziana, Z., Asakura, R., Bigler, L., Černý, R., … Remhof, A. (2021). Nido‐hydroborate‐based electrolytes for all‐solid‐state lithium batteries. Advanced Functional Materials, 31(18), 2010046 (12 pp.).
&lt;em&gt;Nido&lt;/em&gt;-Borate/&lt;em&gt;Closo&lt;/em&gt;-borate mixed-anion electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries
Payandeh, S. H., Asakura, R., Avramidou, P., Rentsch, D., Łodziana, Z., Černý, R., … Battaglia, C. (2020). Nido-Borate/Closo-borate mixed-anion electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries. Chemistry of Materials, 32, 1101-1110.