Benchmark analyses of EBR-II shutdown heat removal tests

Briggs L, Kriventsev V, Monti S, Hu W, Sui D, Su G, Maas L, Vezzoni B, Sarathy UP, Del Nevo A, Petruzzi A, Zanino R, Ohira H, Van Rooijen WFG, Morita K, Choi C, Shin A, Stempniewicz M, Rtischev N, Mikityuk K & Truong B
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Briggs, L., Kriventsev, V., Monti, S., Hu, W., Sui, D., Su, G., … Truong, B. (2018). Benchmark analyses of EBR-II shutdown heat removal tests. In Proceedings series (International Atomic Energy Agency): Vol. CN245. Fast reactors and related fuel cycles: next generation nuclear systems for sustainable development (FR17). Proceedings of an international conference organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency, hosted by the government of the Russian Federation through the state atomic energy corporation "Rosatom" and held in Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation, 26–29 June 2017 (p. 004 (10 pp.). International Atomic Energy Agency.