Magnetic order in non-centrosymmetric CePt3B

Rauch D, Süllow S, Bleckmann M, Buchsteiner A, Stüßer N, Klauss HH, Luetkens H & Bauer E
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Rauch, D., Süllow, S., Bleckmann, M., Buchsteiner, A., Stüßer, N., Klauss, H. H., … Bauer, E. (2012). Magnetic order in non-centrosymmetric CePt3B. In S. E. Sebastian, M. L. Sutherland, E. Pugh, F. M. Grosche, J. Keeling, C. Panagopoulos, … S. S. Saxena (Eds.), Journal of physics: conference series: Vol. 391. International conference on strongly correlated electron systems (SCES 2011) (p. 012055 (4 pp.).