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  • Search box: Use the search box on top of the DORA webpage for a general search in all metadata (use quotes to search for exact phrases)
  • Advanced search: Use the Advanced Search for more options, e.g.:
    • full-text search
    • search with Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Author list: Use the search box on the WSL Authors page to find all publications linked to WSL-affiliated authors
  • Facet: Use the facet on the left to filter publications (the facet is visible on the Browse page and on any results page)

Citation export

  • RIS, RTF, PDF: Export all or a selction of citations in RIS, RTF or PDF format with the ‘Export As’ option on top of the result list (the citation style can be changed as soon as the export type is chosen):
    • use RIS export to get a file which can then be imported into a reference management software like EndNote (see Tips & Tricks for HTML tags export to EndNote)
    • use RTF export to get an editable text file
    • use PDF export to get a PDF

Data export

  • Excel: XLS Export publication medata in Excel format by clicking on the spreadsheet icon on the top right-hand corner of the list
  • CSV: CSV  Export publication medata in CSV format by clicking on the CSV icon on the top right-hand corner of the list

Explanation of the Journal Impact Factor Column:

DORA links

  • Use the address in the URL bar of the browser to link to result lists or individual publications in DORA (e.g. on a website)

Submit your publication

  • Please submit your publications via our online form
  • For cases not covered by the form, please send us an email
  • Our content policy defines which content is accepted in DORA