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Ten-year exposure to elevated CO<SUB>2</SUB> increases stomatal number of <i>Pinus koraiensis</i> and <i>P. sylvestriformis</i> needles
Zhou, Y., Jiang, X., Schaub, M., Wang, X., Han, J., Han, Sjie, & Li, M. H. (2013). Ten-year exposure to elevated CO2 increases stomatal number of Pinus koraiensis and P. sylvestriformis needles. European Journal of Forest Research, 132(5-6), 899-908.
Non-linear response of stomata in <i>Pinus koraiensis</i> to tree age and elevation
Zhou, Y., Schaub, M., Shi, L., Guo, Z., Fan, A., Yan, C., … Li, M. H. (2012). Non-linear response of stomata in Pinus koraiensis to tree age and elevation. Trees: Structure and Function, 26(4), 1389-1396.