About DORA

DORA is the institutional repository and bibliography for all research articles and other publications affiliated with the four research institutes within the ETH Domain (Eawag, Empa, WSL and PSI) and hosted by the Lib4RI. DORA is based on the open source software framework Islandora, which uses Drupal, Fedora and SOLR as components. As a service to our users we developed an ingestion workflow, which you can find freely available on GitHub.
DORA acts simultaneously as:

  • Bibliography — DORA records the scientific publications produced at the research institutes and is a source for publication lists on the institutional websites and for academic reports
  • Archive — DORA preserves the full text of the institutes publications and makes them freely available to all internal members
  • Open Access (OA) Repository — Researchers are able to make a full text version of their scientific articles freely available in DORA (green road to OA), thus facilitating compliance with the OA policies of many research funders

Currently publications are recorded in DORA, of which have a full text document available and are Open Access. The table below shows some statistics for the DORA repository:

DORA EawagDORA EmpaDORA PSI1DORA WSLTotal Publications related
to PSI facilities
    With full text
    Open Access
Journal Articles in 2020
    Open Access
    With embargo
Journal Articles in 2021
    Open Access
    With embargo
Views in 2020258 663196 841167 662361 572984 73822 809
Downloads in 2020207 379150 960132 343248 214738 89617 720
  See also the statistics for the organizational units of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL.
  1) In this column only publications by PSI authors. Publications relating to PSI facilities compiled by external authors only are listed separately in the last column.